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Generate a 52% better response to your offering with a more sophisticated platform to contact and engage prospects. Prospects no longer have to deal with the hassle of passwords or entering form data, improving their satisfaction and response rates. One-click distributes secure, personalized deal links that unlock access and track responses without the need for a prospect to enter their personal information or create another password.


Reach 35% more prospects within your own network with a more robust communication platform. Send targeted messages, ensure immediate follow up and personalize communications from a single dashboard. Ensure email delivery, track responses and immediately follow up with each interested prospect. Tap our market intelligence to personalize your marketing, keep your offering exclusive and turn prospects into offers.


One dashboard manages and monitors all of your deals. Each deal automatically updates your contact database and each contact’s detailed profile. The latest contact info, transaction activity and investment criteria is updated in real-time. Better data enables you to personalize your next call to a Prospect and appear more knowledgeable. One-click to generate a pipeline report, offer summary or marketing report so that stay on top of your deal flow.

  • In the Cloud

    Keep your finger on the pulse of all your deals - anywhere, anytime, from any device. Deal activity is updated automatically and your contact information synced with Gmail Apps or Salesforce.

  • Single Dashboard

    Monitor real-time deal activity from a single dashboard to ensure your deal is reviewed, so you can follow up immediately.

  • No Hassle iDiligence

    Generate 52% more deal reviews simply by providing one-click access to your deal information. Track responses and deal room activity without requiring prospects fill out forms.

  • One-Click Reports

    One click generates marketing reports, prioritized call lists, offer matrices and pipeline/production reports. Track the performance of your email, phone, mail and web ad campaigns.

  • Up to Date Profiles

    Every deal builds each prospect’s profile, with investment criteria, deal activity, notes and updated contact information. We alert you of any stale contacts or bad email addresses.

  • Exceptional Delivery

    Increase your open rates by 35% by leveraging best-in-class email deliverability to ensure that your deal gets to your prospect's inbox and reviewed.

Capdominus For Capital

Your Deal Flow Pipeline Organized Effortlessly

Every Deal

Ensure you are the first to see every deal from the brokers you follow. Your deal flow is organized on a single, personalized dashboard rather than cluttering your inbox or lost to a spam filter.

One View

Your deals are ranked according to your investment profile. Review deal highlights, property facts, view teaser, access maps and pictures, download documents, then respond from a single location.

Less Hassle

No need to check endless broker websites and multiple inbox folders, all of your deals are here. One click to filter deals, export pipeline reports, generate market reports and identify market trends.

  •  Never miss a deal
  •  Free your inbox from clutter
  •  Insightful market data

You get lots of email blasts from brokers, so let us organize them on a single dashboard. After signing in, just enter a broker’s email that you would like to “follow”. We will post any deal that broker sends to your own private, customized dashboard.

Later, generate detailed market reports, pipeline metrics, uncover market trends or easily filter your deal flow with a single click.

Never again miss a deal. Best of all, you can finally extract valuable market insight from your deal flow.  

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